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Automobile overpass near Zheltikovo platform - Фото

Automobile overpass near Zheltikovo platform (Sergiev Posad district)

The project of construction of the automobile overpass over the railway tracks near Zheltikovo platform is designed to solve the problem of congestions arising from the increased automobile and railway traffic. Automobile overpass is created in accordance with the terms of the Concession Agreement executed between Sergievo-Posadskaya Tollway Ltd (Concessionaire) and the Government of Moscow Region (Public Partner). The project is aimed at improving the transport situation, safety and speed in Sergiev Posad district. The creation of the overpass will directly link the urban settlement of Sergiev Posad and the city of Dmitrov, will create convenient routes between Yaroslavskoe Shosse, the urban settlement of Khotkovo and settlements located north of the railway crossing, and will also increase the capacity of Khotkovo-Ozeretskoe-Kostino-Dmitrov road.

The project is implemented by Sergievo-Posadskaya Tollway Ltd

2 lanes
private investments
1 km
The length is