Sustainable development of the transport network is a guarantee of the unity of the socio-economic space, national security and improvement of the quality of life of people of any country.

To date, the total length of roads in Russia (the main indicator of development of national territory and transport accessibility) is several times less than the length of roads in the countries with a comparable territory and population density. Moreover, the majority of Russian roads are regional, municipal and local roads, which were built during the period of low individual and commercial car ownership level. In the context of the annual increase in the number of vehicles and the lack of budget funding for construction of road infrastructure, the street road networks of most cities may not function according to the needs of population and business.

In order to eliminate the discrepancy between the level of development of the transport complex and the current strategic needs of a single economic space, Tollway Group implements and considers the promising projects to improve the performance of street road networks based on the principles of public private partnership in the cities and regions throughout Russia.

  • About 300 cars

    on average account for a thousand people in the large regions of Russia today. These indicators are close to the indicators of the developed countries with a high car ownership level – more than 300 cars/1000 people.

  • The length of public roads in Russia is 1 529,4 thous km

    that is 2-3 times less than in the developed countries of the world with a comparable territory and population density.

  • Of them, 1475 thous km

    are local, regional or inter-municipal roads (97% of Russian roads).

  • Only 43 percent

    of regional (inter-municipal) roads meet the regulatory requirements for transport and performance state.

Протяженность дорожной сети, тыс. кv

Tollway Group invites to cooperation the representatives of regional authorities and local self-government authorities interested in development of the toll roads and road structures on the PPP terms. Public private partnership is one of the main instruments of public investment policy in the world, which defines the issues related to the allocation of risks, the level of obligations, including financial ones, of public and private sectors, the duration of the projects and property ownership. Tollway Group has experience of cooperation with regional governments and local administrations, thanks to which we have adjusted many business processes to the municipal market, we can guarantee high flexibility and efficiency of the decisions made.

Participation in projects

Group is interested in entering into the programs in the field of reforming and modernization of the transport infrastructure and road facilities not only as an investor, but also as a partner. We not only strive to implement interesting projects by ourselves, but also aim to work with the contractors involved in the execution of the projects

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