Tollway Institute

Tollway Central Institute for Research and Engineering conducts scientific research, design and survey works, including transport economic surveys and simulation of traffic flows. Institute operates with the involvement of the engineers, economists, environmentalists, lawyers, specialists in traffic management and toll collection systems.

Institute is the general design engineer and the key adviser on design, traffic simulation and traffic flows forecasting in the projects of Tollway Group

We specialize in toll transport infrastructure

We apply scientific research approach

Main activities

Front End Engineering Design

Facility location (route survey)
    • Analysis of the current transport, road and socio-economic situation in the area of attraction of the intended facility
    • Assessment of the sitting of the intended facility: the need for land plots, analysis of existing utilities
    • Organization of engineering survey
    • Development of options for the location of the intended facilities (route survey) and determination of the best option

Project concept and feasibility study (FS)

    • Development of a transport model:

  •         Forecasting of traffic flows for the future life cycle of a facility
  •         Determination of optimal tariffs in order to maximize the planned toll revenues
  •         Forecast of toll revenues

    • Development of a concept of a toll collection system (TCS)

  •         Quantity, configuration and location of equipment
  •         Applied techniques
  •         Hardware configuration

    • Assessment of facility configuration
    • Capital and operating cost estimate
    • FS development


    • Development of a planning design and a boundary-setting plan (taking into account the specifics of the toll infrastructure)
    • Development of design estimates and working documentation
    • Architectural supervision

Scientific research work

    Institute is actively engaged in scientific activities for development of road infrastructure, namely, it participates in:

  •     Development of a methodology to assess attractiveness of investment projects
  •     Research of domestic and foreign experience in development of toll transport infrastructure
  •     Development of a methodology to analyze transport links in residential and industrial agglomerations

Membership in professional associations


Urban Planning and Design Association, Self-Regulatory Organization

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GeoIndustry Surveyors Association

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